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Are you tired of compensation plans that only pay the higher level distributors only? Do you have a big team and you want to make it grow by selling services instead of physical products? Keep on reading...

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  • Multiple businesses in One Compensation Plan

    Lots of Network Marketers join multiple multi-level marketing opportunities because they need variety or multiple sources of inome. In OGI you can find both without jumping from one company to another.

  • Build a huge network with just 28$

    Most of the services of OurGlobalIdea start with just 28$/month. This is the entry point for you or your team to try any of the services provided. Furthermore you can purchase one of our Combo Packages for 300$ and purchase up to 4 of the available services for 1 year.

  • Automated Marketing Sales Funnel

    With any subscription in any of our services you get a done-for-you sales funnel in English. This means that you post a link to your Social Media page and the Sales Funnel drives your prospects to the shopping cart! You may be sleeping and making money at the same time if you post your links to the right places.

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